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Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Service

Whether you just had an accident and now your vehicle is inoperable or you simply need it transported from one location to another without driving it, San Marco Towing Service is up for the task of assisting you. Our drivers are experienced, they have a safe driving record, and they know the San Marco region very well. So if you’ve experienced a breakdown or you need your vehicle transported give us a call day or night, 7 days a week and we are here to assist you with high quality skills and great customer service so you never need to worry whether you’ve made the right decision in choosing our towing and full wrecker services.


Rapid Response

Calling our towing service is easy because we are always available and we provide rapid response for all your towing needs. Attaching your car or truck to someone else’s is hardly a good or safe solution when you have professionals at your disposal. There’s less risk of damage and accidents to all involved. Our drivers come fast and they are prepared with the right equipment for auto towing throughout all of the San Marcos region. If you require heavy hauling fast, we can supply it. Emergency towing is never a problem and we never make you wait for endless hours with no communication. We understand that you need speedy towing that is safe and reliable.


Safe Transport

Your vehicle is no doubt a valuable investment that gets you from place to place without a hitch, but there are times when things happen that cause you to need a tow truck service. San Marcos Towing Service offers safe transport and handling of your car or truck. Whether you have a family vehicle or a high performance sport car, we handle all vehicles with great care. This means that we only use road worthy vehicles that are appropriate for the task at-hand. Whether it’s a flat bed or a traditional towing truck, we have a large fleet of fully licensed and inspected vehicles that are capable of safe transport for your car or truck. This is why so many drivers use our services because they knew they never need to worry if their vehicle will make it safely and undamaged to its destination.


24 Hour Service

Many times we are just able to predict when our vehicle will experience a breakdown. You could very well be shopping at your favorite store, afterwards hop into your car and find not only does it not start but it’s not a simple solution for repair. You need a tow truck service and you need it at a time of day that your friends and family are no where nearby to assist. That is why San Marcos Towing Service offers 24 hour tow truck service. We know that no time is the right time for a breakdown and getting a few strong people to push your car or truck home is not a reasonable option.


Why Hire Us

Breakdowns and accidents and inoperable vehicles may seem funny or harmless until it happen to you. But there is no way to really prepare for such an event unless you know the number of a great tow truck service. San Marcos Towing Service offers fast, reliable and skilled technicians who drive to your destination ready to assist you with professionalism you can expect from the number one tow truck service in the region. We safely transport all manner of vehicles whatever time of day you need us to do it.