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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

As an owner of a bus, tractor or other heavy vehicle and equipment you likely already know that a traditional towing truck isn’t going to get the job done. Some vehicles are just too heavy and they need pulling power that can handle the weight of extra large vehicles like tractors and buses. With the assistance of San Marcos Towing Service, you never need worry that any big vehicle you own is too big. In face, we have a large fleet of vehicles in a variety of capacities to ensure that whatever towing needs you have, we are more than ready and capable of handing. A tire blow out or a jackknifed 16-wheeler is no heavy duty task that we can’t handle. Call us today and we assess your needs and send out the appropriate heavy duty towing and winch out rollback services to aid you.


Enormous Power

Our state of the art vehicles have the ability to handle even the most challenging towing and recovery situation your vehicle may have experienced. It takes enormous power and pull to get vehicles like buses and tractors turned and towed and out of deep ditches. There is no way a Good Samaritan with a car or even a sport utility vehicle can handle the heavy duty tasks these vehicles incur. When you need the power to lift and rotate heavy machinery and vehicles there is only one tow truck service provider up to the task and possess the large fleet to satisfy your needs. To other towing companies these jobs might seem impossible or challenging to conduct, but we have the power and expertise.



Heavy duty towing and rotator service does not need to be expensive. San Marcos Towing prides itself on offering affordable towing and rotator services for heavy duty vehicle owners. We’re able to offer such affordable pricing because our large fleet of vehicles are modern and fuel efficient, which means you get the benefits of those cost reductions. Not only are you able save money, but you also have the advantage of using a company that uses state of the art equipment that protects the environment. You likely have a lot of issues to deal with when you require heavy duty towing and rotator service so we don’t add to the drama by sticking you with large expensive bills that further stress you out.


24 Hour Towing

Unlike many other towing services, we offer 24 hour assistance even for our heavy duty towing and rotator service. Sometimes towing monster vehicles on the road is better left to off hours when the roads are less filled with other cars. This means we are extra cautious and our experienced drivers take every precaution to ensure that your vehicle and equipment arrives safely to its destination with no damages. Holidays, weekends and midnight or mid afternoon, we are ready and waiting for your call to assist you with exception service provision.


Why Hire Us

San Marcos Towing Service has a stellar reputation for customers service and affordable prices for all your heavy duty towing and rotator services. Our monster tow trucks are some of the most state of the art tow trucks on the road in the San Marcos region. Our drivers have the skills and we have the appropriate devices to aid you in your time of need and no other towing service has vehicles with our enormous range of power.