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Full Wrecker Service

Full Wrecker Service

Perhaps your car is completely totaled and you’re seeking its removal from the premises of its demise. You’ll want a full wrecker service that has the appropriate equipment to provide rapid response and the ability to move it to whatever location you need. San Marcos Towing Service is the premier full wrecker and heavy duty towing & rotator service operator in the region. We have affordable pricing and a large fleet of vehicles for whatever type of car or truck you need transported and our driving technicians all have clean driving records and are well versed in moving vehicles that may be difficult or challenging positions.


24-Hour Service

We know that accidents are never convenient or timely and when they happen, they can induce a high level of stress. Our services and our professionalism exists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that when serious accidents happen, you have one less issue to worry about. Neither the time of day or your location will stop us from serving you with full wrecker service when you need it. That is the benefit of calling upon a full service towing and recovery operation. Our drivers know you can ill afford to wait for hours or days at a time when you need towing service, so we immediately dispatch them to your given location and we find your fast using state of the art GPS and towing equipment.


Professional Service

Accidents are stressful enough without poor customer service adding to the drama. That’s why all of our drivers are professional with years of experience and skill under their belt before they are dispatched to serve you. Efficiency and speed matter and you’ll want to call upon a towing and recovery service that understands not only this but also the laws and permits that govern the region so that transport of your vehicle is legal and hassle free. There are areas in the region that may not allow vehicle movement at specific times of the day and we also ensure that the equipment we use is able to carry the load you have whether it’s a traditional vehicle or you require a heavy duty monster vehicle for full wrecker services.


Affordable Costs

Towing and recovery fees can be expensive if you’re not using the right company costs can add up. San Marcos Towing service offers affordable rates for full wrecker service that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Our roadside assistance as well as our recovery strategies are first rate. That’s why we are well known throughout the region as a reputable towing service you can rely upon for great service, speed and efficiency. Our arrival times never keep customers waiting for long periods by the side of the road and our drivers offer knowledge of a wide range of vehicles and skill with state of the art equipment.


Why Hire Us

If you’re looking for a towing service that uses drivers with a clean driving record and trustworthy skills, the choice is clear. Our large fleet of vehicles includes some of the finest roadworthy tow trucks in the region. Whether you have traditional sedan, a sport utility vehicle or a monster size truck, we offer the best in full wrecker service so you have the peace of mind you need that your towing and recovery needs will be met.