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If you’ve even run out of fuel or experienced a flat tire or a dead battery that needed recharging, then you how important a reliable towing and recovery service is for your peace of mind and safety. San Marcos Towing Service provides all this an more to ensure that your experience is hassle free. We know after having served countless clients that towing services for breakdowns on the road can either add or reduce the drama you may already feel. That’s why we only hire professional drivers with years of experience providing vehicle owners with excellent customer service and prowess to handle quick repairs.

About Us

Don’t bother with mediocrity and price gouging when you can call upon the services of a trusted towing service in your need for emergency towing or recovery. As a 24 hour, 7 days a week service we are well known for our reliability and customer services. Our fees are affordable and we aim to ensure your experience is pleasant and hassle free so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. If you’re seeking the perfect service that has a large fleet of vehicles to move even the heaviest monster truck or even a traditional sedan, we can assist you with our professional service.


    Our Services

    When it comes to service efficiency and the ability to perform towing services safely that leave your car or truck undamaged from the task that was employed it vital. As a full service operator that conducts not just towing, but also recovery as well as a host of other tasks, it is important that we provide you with first-rate labor. All of our drivers are highly trained and possess a wide breadth of knowledge to conduct repairs and operate specialized equipment. This means our skills are constantly upgraded so that when you face breakdown issues with vehicles that use state of the art operating systems, we are more they capable of providing you with excellent care. Whether you drove over a speed bump area and now face a flat tire or you need roadside assistance

    Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service
    Full Wrecker Service
    Tow Truck Service

    San Marcos Towing Service

    At some point as a car owner, you’ve experienced a breakdown. Whether it’s a dead battery or a flat tire and you were always able to deal with these issues on your own. San Marcos Towing Service is a professional company that offers a wide variety of services as well as a large fleet of vehicles to tow any car or truck you own. Call us to your location anytime you need help and we will immediately dispatch a driver. They are professional and they all have a clean driving record and they possess years of knowledge to ensure that you are back on the road again driving in a safe vehicle.

    Tow Truck Service

    We offer a variety of services that lead to getting you back onto the road again safely or towing your car to safety. Whether you have experienced a breakdown and your car or truch is inoperable or you simply need fast and efficient and simple car repair such as a battery jumpstart, we are able to provide you with a rapid response due to our state of the art dispatch system. As a 24 hour towing lakeland a day, 7 days a week and open on holiday towing service we take pride in our customer service and attention to detail.

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    Car Towing in Action. Car on the Towing Car Being Towed Out.
    San Marcos Towing Service - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service 1

    Full Wrecker

    If you’ve experienced a car total accident and you require full wrecker services, San Marcos Towing Service is the perfect solution for the demise of you vehicle. We have a large fleet of towing and recovery vehicles that are able to meet the demands of even those most challenging emergency towing situation and heavy duty towing tasks. Our driving technicians are always punctual and take their jobs seriously to bring you satisfaction.

    Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

    As an owner of a bus, tractor or other heavy vehicle and equipment you likely already know that a traditional towing truck isn’t going to get the job done. Some vehicles are just too heavy and they need pulling power that can handle the weight of extra large vehicles like tractors and buses. With the assistance of San Marcos Towing Service, you never need worry that any big vehicle you own is too big. In face, we have a large fleet of vehicles in a variety of capacities to ensure that whatever towing needs you have, we are more than ready and capable of handing. A tire blow out or a jackknifed 16-wheeler is no heavy duty task that we can’t handle. Call us today and we assess your needs and send out the appropriate heavy duty towing and rotator services to aid you.

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    Broken black car on the tow truck
    San Marcos Towing Service - 24 Hour Roadside Assistance 1

    Winch Out and Rollback Services

    You never dreamed you would be stuck in a ditch or up to your car wheels in mud and with every effort you make, the deeper you become stuck. Calling San Marcos Towing Service can solve your winch out and rollback service problems. We not only possess state of the art equipment with enormous power but we also have technicians who continuously upgrade their skill set and knowledge about the best strategies to use for a variety of vehicles. This ensures that your property is unharmed by our labor. As a full service towing and recovery operation in San Marcos region you have the peace of mind you’re seeking that you’re in good safe hands.

    24-Hour Roadside Assistance

    Breakdowns no matter where they happen can induce a level of stress but for some people it’s even more so when you’re in an unfamiliar or unpopulated area. Running out of fuel or flat tires and dead batteries or getting locked out of your car or truck doesn’t need to be a life altering event when you call San Marcos Towing Service. These situations happen to the best of us no matter how cautious we are as drivers and with trusted roadside assistance this is 27 hours a day and 7 days a week you have the benefit of knowing that your loved ones are protected and not in harms way longer than they have to be.

    “Our car needed towing off highway 80 and we’re very grateful they had such a rapid response to our call. They showed up in a time far shorter than they quoted.” – Latifah H

    "My car slid into a ditch during after trying to avoid a dog in the road and it was probably one of the scariest things we ever experienced, but San Marcos Towing recovered our vehicle without any additional damage.” – Larry P.

    “My son locked himself out of the car and we simply told him to call San Marcos and they arrived fast and got him back inside with no problems with the security system. We highly recommend their services.” – Steph R.

    Contact Us Today

    It’s nice to know there are still Good Samaritans around the San Marcos region, but when one of them fails to show up when you need it, you can always count on our towing and recovering services. Our customer services and our knowledge of towing and recovery strategies as well as our state of the art equipment is what has made us a well known and favored option in the region. We aid drivers of all types of vehicles, whether they are traditional sedans or monster vehicles that require heavy duty specialized equipment. You can contact us day or night, on weekends and any holiday and we immediately dispatch a trained and knowledgeable driver to assist you.