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San Marcos Towing Service


Car ownership unfortunately means that we're doomed to facing inconvenient situations at some point in our life where our vehicle isn't operating the way we'd like it to.  And while it can be frustrating, San Marcos Towing Service aims to make the process go as smoothly as possible.


Lock Outs

Maybe you lost your keys down at the mall or you have no clue where you left them, but you are certain you won’t find them every again. Give us a call for lock out service and we will send a knowledge technician who is highly skilled at locksmith work. We will have you back into your vehicle in no time flat. As a professional and fully licensed company we provide you with lock out service that is one of the best in the region. That’s why we have so many clients who come to us via recommendations from previous customers. We are continually upgrading our skills so that we stay abreast of the latest technologies that ensure you can get back into your car even when you’ve lost the master keys.


Flat Tire Service

You have no idea what you just ran over but now your tire is as flat as a pancake and you don’t have the equipment inside your car to change the tire. For some us, we would still need assistance. San Marcos Towing Service will arrive to you location quickly and replace your tire. We also have a large stock of car tires to match the make and model of your vehicle so even if you do not have a spare, we can still assist you. There’s no need to sit and wonder and bite your nails trying to figure out how to solve your flat tire problems. We offer fair and affordable pricing for high quality tires that will get you safely back onto the road.


Rapid Response

You don’t have to sit and wonder how you’re going to make it to your destination after you’ve become stranded by the side of the road, having experienced a car breakdown. A dead battery or running out of fuel won’t stop you from moving forward with your driving plans when you call upon our trusted services. We offer rapid response when you call us. No matter where you are in the San Marcos region, we will issue a professional driver to your destination and you won’t need to sit for hours guessing when the driver will appear. We provide updates for full transparency so that you’re safe and in good hands as soon as possible.


Why Hire Us

We are a reliable and trusted towing service in the San Marcos region that offers affordable rates and excellent customer service for all your tow truck service needs. As a 24 hour towing service you have the assurance of knowing that no what type of trouble you’re facing with your car or truck, there is a provider who can assist you. This means we are available 7 days a week and even on holidays.